5 Reasons You Should Have a Website

Today I am going to cover some awesome reasons why you should have a website for your personal brand or business. This particular episode is being done by myself, but I’m always going to be looking for some great guests to have on the show. If you’re interested in it than please check the link at the top of the page in order to reach out to be a guest.

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Challenges Facing Small YouTubers Today w/ Ray – E2

Todays episode features Ray, the administrator of the Facebook group Small YouTubers Boost and the owner of the Vacation Impossible channel on YouTube. We will be discussing the different challenges that face YouTubers in an era of Monetization woes and struggles to grow. We will also discuss the secret to the success of the Facebook group Small YouTubers Boost, which is well over 26,000 members strong.

More about Ray:

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Ray’s Vacation Impossible ensemble group began
recording in 2001, long before the days of YouTube. Their mission is to travel the
world to inspire others to do the same. Their goal is to inspire people to travel
more, to travel places they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of, and to save money
along the way. In an effort to learn more, promote his channel, and help other
YouTubers Ray runs the SmallYoutubersBoost Facebook group currently with over 26,000


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